Marcus Epps

Fun Fact: Mr.Epps can beatbox, and he’s skilled in Latin dance. He’s able to solve a Rubik’s Cube in 7 seconds, and he’s also a huge fan of Batman!

Mr. Epps is new to the UK College of Health Sciences. He is jumping straight into the role of Academic Advisor, working alongside Jimmie Jones, advising students in the Clinical Leadership and Management, Communication Sciences and Disorders, and Medical Laboratory Science programs.

The College of Health Sciences has welcomed Mr.Epps with open arms, and he already feels a valued part of the College’s team. Mr.Epps is already feeling the family vibes at CHS. As an Academic Advisor, one of Mr. Epps’ goals is to uphold the high standards for success, and continue to help students get those proven results.

The sense of community has encouraged him to do his best. During his own undergrad years, he felt as though there wasn’t a sense of family or community. So to come to a college where there is a sense of community and family, and everyone is heavily involved, is something Mr.Epps greatly appreciates. It not only helps the students be successful, but it helps him as well.

Mr. Epps is excited to continue to grow with the college and bond with the school as a community and as a family. He loves that people at CHS aren’t afraid to grow with you and work together for a common goal.