Jimmie Jones

Fun fact: Jimmie Jones was once a certified Zumba instructor

Jimmie is an academic advisor at the College of Health Sciences, where he primarily advises undergraduate students from entry to graduation. Aside from academic advising, Jimmie also serves on several committees and organizations to better enhance the student experience in the College, as well as the University.

One goal that Jimmie has for the college is to become a leader nationally among other colleges and universities and be top of mind for benchmarking of best practices.

When asked how the success of the students and the college has encouraged him, Jimmie said, “It has encouraged me immensely! On the days I need reminder of my purpose, I look back on how far we have come and what we went through to get here. I look at the impact of what we have done and the benefits and opportunities it has provided our students, faculty, and staff. This is what keeps me encouraged to do what I do.”

The College of Health Sciences is filled with exciting events, people, and majors from different paths in life, but for Jimmie there’s one aspect of the College that really makes him enjoy working here--the strong sense of family when you cross the threshold. Jimmie believes that you don’t just walk into the Wethington Building, or CHS, you walk into your family away from home. Family is a recurring theme for CHS, and the students, staff, and faculty feel it too. 

--Kieara Pena, Marketing Assistant