Sharon Goins

Fun fact: Sharon Goins enjoys sewing, and she often takes on sewing projects. Her favorite thing to sew is baby blankets, bibs, and boutique clothes for kids. She also enjoys laughing and spending time with her wonderful grandchildren.

Sharon is the college register and admissions officer. She provides support to the associate dean, advisors and students. Sharon works with the academic records; she provides the courses in the schedule books each semester.

Her goal for the College is to continue to move forward and keep putting students first.

Sharon enjoys getting to know the students one on one, allowing her to watch their growth.

The most exciting part of working at the College of Health Sciences for Sharon is graduation because she gets to watch the success of the students from the time they enter the college until the time they walk across the stage. Sharon is a part of the University Commencement Committee, and she loves getting to be a part of the planning for the student’s graduation ceremony.