You belong at the College of Health Sciences

April 27, 2018

Unity is defined as the state of being united or joined as a whole. When you join the College of Health Sciences, our goal is for you to step into a culture of belonging; an environment that celebrates the successes and excellence here because we are all different.

It’s the unique aptitudes and personalities of our students, faculty, and staff—our diversity—that makes this College whole. Our unity is found in individuals stepping across cultural, societal, and professional constructs to build relationships, give support, and foster interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration and communication.

Unity starts with dialogue; it begins with introducing yourself to your neighbor. As medical professionals, we all understand how important this type of communication is. Every program in this college will touch the other in some aspect, working together to ensure a better life and better health for our patients, friends, and families.

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure to attend our inaugural unity breakfast facilitated by the CHS Diversity and Inclusivity Committee. I watched as students, faculty, and staff gathered to celebrate the fellowship and camaraderie within this College. We hope these events will continue to remind each person that we are all in this together, and that you—created exactly as you are with your unique skills and talents—belong at the College of Health Sciences.