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Scott LephartDear Friends, 

Welcome to the University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences (CHS). We are eager to share our enthusiasm with you – our prospective student, faculty or staff member, researcher, or community partner. We are confident that once you learn more about us, you will want to join us.

The source of our passion is our mission, which is centered on education, research, and service. We are driven by the desire to help people attain the highest level of health possible. Everything we do leads toward one outcome: optimal health. Whether it is educating the next generation of competent, compassionate health care providers, engaging in research with the end-goal of helping people attain better health, or providing frontline patient care, CHS is committed to fulfilling the University's Kentucky Promise.

The Kentucky Promise is a powerful motivator for our College, and we embrace the responsibilities inherent in fulfilling that Promise. We take to heart the words of UK President Eli Capilouto, who upon acceptance of his position said: "UK is a promise we have made to each other that says that [students] from all walks of life, backgrounds and experiences are welcome here … and that they leave as our best and brightest because we foster their potential and brilliance."

Take a few minutes to explore the key areas of pride and promise at CHS: education, research, service, and our alumni.     

We are one of a kind, and we know you are too. At the UK College of Health Sciences, students receive a career-focused education in a one-of-a-kind environment. Education is not limited to the classroom, as CHS students have opportunities to be involved in every aspect of our mission. The integration of contemporary research and service is an inseparable component of the educational experience at CHS. Our students receive a robust education and an experience, which includes interprofessional, innovative learning opportunities, as well as the chance to go beyond the classroom with hands-on patient-care, research, service, and study-abroad opportunities.  

While delivering a world-class education is a top priority for CHS, a student is never “just a number” to us. We value each student as an individual. Students recognize this the moment they walk through our door and thrive in the close-knit atmosphere at CHS.

The most promising part of an education at CHS is the outcome. Our undergraduate programs are the gateway to the health sciences, and our students graduate as career-ready professionals, entering health care fields that are in high demand. We invite you to see for yourself. Email us or visit the prospective students website to find out more.  

CHS offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as minor and certificate options:



At the College of Health Sciences, our researchers share a common vision – a dynamic, sustainable research enterprise that reaches out into the community, improving the lives of Kentuckians and extending beyond its borders in a ripple effect. Helping individuals attain the highest level of health possible is at the core of our research. Our focus is on the prevention of injury and disability due to exercise/sport participation, aging, chronic disease, or other adverse factors; rehabilitation after injury or illness; innovations in the treatment of voice, swallowing, and language disorders; and exercise and nutrition in the context of optimal health and performance enhancement.             

Research in the College spans the continuum from basic to clinical science. Since 2006, and through an increasingly difficult funding climate, we have remained within the top 20 in NIH funding for colleges of allied health. We believe that through our research, we can identify transformative prevention, assessment, and treatment strategies that will improve the lives of our citizens. 

Research is a fundamental part of the educational experience at CHS. Students have the opportunity to be involved in our ongoing research projects focused on frailty and disability prevention, rehabilitation, and voice and language disorders, as well as our emerging research areas such as military injury prevention and performance optimization; the development of nutrition interventions for head and neck cancer patients; and mobile health interventions to improve patient outcomes. Our thriving Undergraduate Research Program fosters the curiosity of undergraduate students by offering multiple opportunities across a variety of topics for mentored, self-directed work. Additionally, we are excited to announce that the first of its kind on campus Undergraduate Certificate in Research in Human Health Sciences is now available from CHS.    

Visit the Office of Research website

Whether you realize it or not, you or a loved one may have interacted with one of our more than 7,000 alumni – a physical therapist, physician assistant, athletic trainer, speech-language pathologist, or other health care provider. In addition to the care our alumni provide, the College of Health Sciences provides expert clinical care in physical therapy and communication disorders. 

The Division of Physical Therapy offers a clinic for runners and a student-managed physical therapy clinic. The Runners Clinic offers injury evaluation and treatment, as well as 3D gait analysis to help prevent injury. Samaritan's Touch is managed by physical therapy students and faculty and provides services for uninsured or under-insured adults. CHS also offers clinical speech-language pathology services through its Communication Disorders Academic Clinic, and the UK HealthCare Voice & Swallow Clinic and Speech-Language Pathology Clinic.           

Alumni, Donors, and Friends
We are engaging alumni, community-based faculty, and friends in activities that enhance the allied health professions and the programs of the College. These individuals provide the support needed to improve the quality of our academic programs, expand our research, and attract and retain top students. 

Visit the Alumni and Giving website

The common thread connecting our work in education, research, and service is helping people attain optimal health. Each member of the CHS community contributes in a unique and vital way to improving the lives of others. We are proud of our work. You can do something to be proud of at CHS. We hope you will join us.

Scott M. Lephart, PhD
College of Health Sciences
Endowed Chair of Orthopaedic Research
University of Kentucky

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