Linzi Watson

"My name is Linzi Watson, and I grew up in Salyersville, Kentucky. I attended Morehead State University for undergrad and recently graduated from the UKPA program. I became a CNA in high school and quickly knew that I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. I knew that becoming a Physician Assistant was the best choice for me. Throughout PA school, I wasn’t sure which specialty I’d like most, and I honestly didn’t see myself working in surgery. My first surgical rotation was in neurosurgery, and I realized that I loved everything about surgery. I loved working within a team, learning hands on skills, and improving patients’ quality of life. It wasn’t until my last surgical rotation that I got to see my first open heart procedure. I had never seen anything more amazing. I was so impressed by the skill, communication, and efficiency of each member within the surgical team. After seeing that surgery, I knew that I wanted to be part of a cardiac surgical team. I am so excited to start my journey as a Physician Assistant in cardiac surgery and look forward to a challenging year full of growth and learning!"