Alumni Spotlight - Bill Grimes, PA-C


The UKPA Program would like to congratulate former Morehead Campus Program Director, Bill Grimes, PA-C, for receiving the Northeast Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Lifetime Achievement Award at the November Preceptor Banquet.  Each year the NEAHEC asks for nominations by students and colleagues for the awards acknowledging and paying tribute to the exceptional preceptors in the region.  Many students, faculty, and staff have had the honor to work with Bill and all can attest to his love of the profession and teaching.  Bill still runs the New Hope Free Clinic ( in Owingsville, KY as well as guest lectures for the program.  

Update 04/18/18

Congratulations to Bill Grimes in also being inducted into the College of Health Sciences Hall of Fame.  More information about his history in the program and profession as well as the achievement here.


Program Faculty Spotlight-Kevin M. Schuer, DrPh, PA-C

Dr. Schuer was nominated and selected at the 2017 Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) Conference to serve on the 2018 PAEA Board of Directors-Director at Large.

Staff Spotlight - Kim Porter

Kim Porter is the Program Assistant for the Morehead Campus and has worked with the program for 10 years.  Kim provides support to the faculty and students of the program and is actually the backbone of the Morehead campus.  Originally from Olive Hill, Kentucky, Kim enjoys horseback riding and spending time with her six dogs, four horses, and one cat. 


Preceptor Spotlight- Holly Rock, PA-C

Holly is a PA working at the University of Kentucky Hospital in Internal Medicine, Division of Hospital Medicine.  She began her current position upon graduating form the UKPA Program in 2017.  Since graduating, she has remained involved with the program as a preclinical preceptor for first year PA students, helping them build skills in obtaining history and physical exams within the hospital setting.  Alongside another UKPA alum, Lindsay Atherton, PA-C, the pair precept students in the clinical rotations in Internal Medicine.  Ms. Rock has found that the clinical students she precepts come with "enthusiasm that enriches both patient care and my daily work".  Adding, "Precepting PA students keeps me engaged and up-to-date in evidence-based medicine."  Ms. Rock would recommend any practicing PA to explore teaching options or other ways to engage with PA students to enrich their practice.  The UKPA Program greatly thanks Holly Rock, PA-C for mentoring our students and future PAs!


Student Spotlights-Kaila Gaughan, c/o 2019 & Hannah Gravitt, c/o 2018

Ms. Gaughan was born and raised in southern New Jersey.  Prior to UK, she received her Bachelor's in Biology from Arcadia University, a small school right outside of Philadelphia.  She is currently the Class of 2019's AOR Representative.  She was recently selected along with 14 other PA students from across the country to attend a three day fellowship with PAEA and focused on health policy.  While in DC, she attended lectures on why advocacy is important and how students could get involved and make a difference.  The group also visited Capitol Hill to meet with legislators from their respective states.  After the fellowship, she is required to complete a project over the next year which focuses on advocacy for the profession.

Ms. Gravitt has been tagged as an upcoming future PA educator by the program.  She was able to attend the 2017 PAEA Conference to enrich her future teaching experience.  Before applying to PA school, Ms. Gravitt worked in inner city Atlanta at a clinic that primarily serves an uninsured uninsured population of immigrants and refugees. While working as a medical assistant there, her days were filled helping doctors and midlevel practitioners explain diagnoses and lab results to patients. She had the chance to help teach a diabetes education class and that was her first chance to help people understand and take ownership of their health. Ms. Gravitt loved it, but  wanted to do more. After finishing her internship there, she wanted to do something meaningful with the six months before the PA application became available. She called a friend working as a bilingual teacher in Colombia, South America, and was offered a job for the following semester as a science teacher for high school students. She bought her plane ticket that night and moved to Bogotá, Colombia, two weeks later. Every day as a teacher was also a chance for her to learn. She tried to create a classroom for her students that she wishes she could have had in high school. Ms. Gravitt knew many would never pursue careers in science, but wanted each of them to better understand the world so they would be successful in whatever they sought to do.

After time teaching, she realized there was still a lot for her to learn before she would be ready to teach patients about their health. Ms. Gravitt then moved back to the States and started applying to PA school. She knew she wanted to teach not only her future patients, but also the PAs who would be teaching them in clinics and hospitals around the world. For her, success as a PA means having the education to actually be helpful to her patients and also stewarding that education to help the next generation of providers. "It’s not enough for me to learn it; I want to teach it to others, both in the classroom and the clinic. I am under no illusion to think I can change the world single-handedly. However, if given the opportunity to leverage what I’ve learned alongside other educators, the ripple effect would be tremendous."