It’s all worth it — residency gives you the opportunity to have structured learning with set requirements on skills. This sets us up for success and will set us apart from others when applying for a job. I’ll have acquired skills it would take me years to get — if the opportunity would even be available. Think of it like a fast pass on the career roller coaster.

- Onieta Stewart, Hospital Medicine St. Claire Hospital, 2022-2023

I think you should go into Neurology, it’s a very underserved field. I personally have a very curious mind, so this is right up my alley. But also, I love the fact that being a specialist gives us the time that we need to sit there with the patient and actually figure this out, and what’s going on with them. If you’ve got a curious mind and are looking for something to stretch your mind, I really recommend you come join us.

- Kelly McCormick, Neurology UKHC, 2022-2023

In PA school we got the minimum of what we needed to pass the neurology section. In residency we expand on that, we have a year of expanding on that knowledge. I like the way the residency is set up because just graduating from PA school - I could have went out and had a job right away if I wanted to, but I like how I have this year to adapt at having a job and getting that extra learning to where I have the confidence that I need to be an established PA.

- Jana Chadwell, Neurology UKHC, 2022-2023

I chose to do a residency to hit the ground running in my specialty and to build the necessary skillset to become a quality provider. Due to their history of building and contributing to the PA profession, UK was an easy choice. They put their students first always, and have bountiful resources to offer for all my career goals.

- TJ Gray, Cardiac Surgery, Baptist Louisville, 2022-2023