What does a PA residency program entail?

First and foremost, you are a licensed PA. That means, you will be working as a certified PA in a clinical setting. Residency programs usually include additional didactic components that assist you in your specialized training along with mentorship. The benefit is that you will progress in your area of practice quicker than a PA being employed immediately after graduating or a PA beginning a new specialty.

What does a PA “Academic” residency mean?

The reason we are an “Academic” PA residency is because we believe as you begin working in a clinical setting it’s important to receive additional education to aid you. For us, this includes intentional guidance in clinicals, didactics, research & scholarly activities, group lectures, and teaching opportunities. We train all of our residents to not only be highly competent providers, but providers that are able to guide others.

What’s the tuition cost for UK’s PA Academic Residency Program?

There is no tuition. All of our PAs receive a base salary of $62,000 + full benefits and CME funds effective October 1, 2023.

What are the benefits of completing UK’s PA Academic Residency Program?

Residents that have completed our program gain a higher competency in specialized training and increased confidence in judgment and technical abilities. In addition, they have a competitive advantage in employment regarding salary, specialty, and location.

When do I need to graduate for eligibility to apply?

If you are in your last year of PA school, you will need to graduate by the end of August for onboarding purposes. Although we will accept you into the program before taking the PANCE, in order to start you must have passed the PANCE.