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Tuition and Program Costs

The University of Kentucky has established new tuition and fee schedules that will apply beginning in the Fall semester 2020. The Department of Physical Therapy and Office of the Dean are working together to try to keep down the cost of the program for all students. The figures below are the most current available.

Based on 2020-2021 figures, the tuition and costs for residents and non-residents are listed below and are subject to change without notice. The numbers below were calculated from the professional doctorate tuition listed on the UK web site, June, 2020. The summer semester will be half the cost of the regular full time fall and spring semesters. The annualized tuition is the tuition per year ( 2 full time and one summer semester).

Annualized tuition for DPT program:

Resident - $21,985 per year

Non-resident - $46,060per year (This is BEFORE grants are allotted for eligible non-resident students)

First Year* Resident Non resident
Fall Semester $8,794. $18,424.
Spring Semester $8,794. $18,424.
Summer $4,397 $9,212.
Second Year*    
Fall Semester $8,794. $18,424.
Spring Semester $8,794. $18,424.
Summer $4,397. $9,212.
Third Year*    
Fall Semester $8794. $18,424.
Spring Semester $8,794. $18,424.
Summer $4,397. $9,212,


These costs represent all tuition and fees EXCEPT distance learning fees which average about $216 per year.

*All figures include the mandatory registration fee (you should anticipate an increase of 10% per year)

*The PT program is a Professional Program and students do not qualify for graduate school assistantships or UK graduate school scholarships.  However, the College of Health Sciences does offer a small grant for out-of-state students.