The 2024-2025 Admissions Cycle opens April 25, 2024, and closes July 15, 2024, for the January 2025 matriculating cohort.

Generally, the UKPA program opens every April and closes on July 15th for a Spring (January) start.  Applicants must have their undergraduate degree completed by December the year of application and the two outstanding pre-requisite courses must be completed by August the year of application in a Summer semester term. (e.g. For the April-July 2024 application, degrees must be completed by December 2024, and pre-requisites by August 2024.)  Additionally, the UKPA program does not conduct a rolling admissions process.

Applying for the UKPA Program is a One-Step Application Process

  1. Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA)

1. CASPA Application

There are two CASPA portals for UK: University of Kentucky-Lexington Campus & University of Kentucky-Morehead Campus.  Applicants may only apply to one campus and not to both campuses.

On the CASPA application you will:

  1. Send official transcripts of all college coursework. All official transcripts must be submitted and received by CASPA by our July 15th deadline.  There are no exceptions made.
  2. Complete essays
    • The essays are completed on the CASPA application. CASPA has a general essay which should be approximately 625 words asking, "Why are you interested in being a PA?".  There may be additional essays required by the program which will be included on the CASPA application.
  3. Input all direct patient care, shadowing, volunteering, awards, leadership, and employment information.
  4. Three recommendation letters are required from:
    1. Physician or PA
    2. Academic Advisor or Professor (Post-Secondary)
    3. Any Medical or Academic professional (Post-Secondary)
    • At least two references must be completed in order to be considered a complete application for review. All three must be received by the deadline to continue the evaluation for the interview. CASPA allows a maximum of 5 letters, however, the UKPA program only requires three as stated above.  Applicants may have 2 additional letters in CASPA to complete the 5 recommendations.

CASPA Application

Application fees are dependent on the number of institutions applied to CASPA. Fees begin at $184 and the secondary application fees will be $61.  For more information about fee waivers, please see below.

Please note the CASPA application is a separate application entity used by the UKPA Program.  Any questions regarding this application need to be directed to the CASPA representatives.


After Acceptance: UK Graduate School Application

Applicants who are accepted by the UKPA program will pay their seat fee and complete the UK Graduate School Application.

On the Graduate School application, you will:

  1. Upload a copy of your college transcripts from the institutions you received degrees only (required unofficial is fine).
  2. Do not submit recommendations, GRE scores, essays, writing samples, etc on this application.

UK Graduate School Application

The application fee is $125. Please note that we do not require recommendations, essays, writing samples, resumes, etc. to be submitted on this application.  For more information about fee waivers, please see below.

Important Notes

The UKPA Program will not review applications for an interview until the CASPA application is paid, submitted, and completed.  In order for CASPA to be a complete application, applicants must have submitted and paid the application in addition to CASPA receiving ALL official transcripts from institutions in which academic credit was received as well as two recommendations/evaluations. The third evaluation must be received by our deadline, or the application will be considered incomplete and the review will not continue for the current cycle. The UKPA Program strongly encourages applicants to not wait and submit their application close to the deadline as missing requirements may not be completed by July 15th.  Good practice would be to have applications submitted by mid-June.


If you are reapplying, all applicants must complete a new CASPA application.  For the CASPA application, please follow their instructions for reapplication.

Application Fee Waivers

PAEA has increased the number of fee waivers offered by CASPA.  Before submitting your application, PAEA encourages applicants to consider their 2022-2023 CASPA Fee Waiver Program (will be updated for the 2023-2024 cycle).  Through this program, a limited number of fee waivers are available.  Fee waivers are given out to qualified applicants until funds run out for the cycle.

Financially disadvantaged applicants are encouraged to review their qualifications here.  The low-income level is based on 200% of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services poverty guidelines.  Please view the infographic for more information.

If you are accepted for the CASPA fee waiver, notify Julia Berry and the UK Graduate School application may be waived per the Admission Committee's approval.