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Student Research Posters

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The goal of this study is to identify adolescents at risk for problematic internet use (PIU) using PRIUSS, and to examine its relationship, if any, with depression symptoms using CES-D.

This study aims to better understand where Kentucky lies with respect to awareness of ACEs and their associated adverse health outcomes, so that appropriate prevention and intervention strategies may be implemented in the future.

This study examines the correlations between social determinants of health and colorectal cancer screenings in rural eastern Kentucky and seeks to illuminate which health care disparities more significantly hinder eastern Kentuckians from receiving colorectal cancer screenings.

The main goal of this exploratory study is to evaluate how well providers feel they are trained to work with diverse populations as well as to identify common gaps in cultural competency training.

Job Satisfaction of Rural Kentucky Physician Assistants

Understanding the Barriers to Lung Cancer Screening in Eastern Kentucky Primary Care Settings

The purpose of this study was to understand the reality of the scope of practice PAs have at a specific institution in Kentucky, compared to the amount allotted via state legislation by observing PA autonomy, knowledge and perspective.

This study aims to explore the perceptions of emergency medicine providers on how shift work influences their social, psychological, and physical quality of life measures including sleep, job satisfaction, diet, mental health, and work-family conflict.

The purpose of this study was to assess patients’ attitudes towards telemedicine at the University of Kentucky Internal Medicine Clinic. Part of this assessment included looking for possible patient concerns to telemedicine, such as education status, income level, and distance to travel to receive care.

The purpose of this research is to fill void in the knowledge of current utilization of interprofessional care in physician assistants (PAs) in rural Kentucky.