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Physical Therapy (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

Prospective Student Resources 

What is a Physical Therapist?
The Guide to Physical Therapist Practice defines physical therapy as "a dynamic profession with an established theoretical base and widespread clinical applications in the preservation, development, and restoration of optimal physical function."

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What is the purpose of the Physical Therapy Program?

The purpose of the Physical Therapy Program at the University of Kentucky is foremost to meet the physical therapy needs of Kentucky and contribute to global needs overall by developing competent physical therapy practitioners who are critical thinkers, educators, and professionals who value diversity and inclusivity.

The Division of Physical Therapy strives to develop patient-centered practitioners who are knowledgeable, ethical, independent and collaborative, adaptable, reflective, effective communicators, and service oriented.  This practitioner development is accomplished through a wide variety of mechanisms:

  • Educational programs offered at campuses in Lexington and at the Center of Excellence in Rural Health in Hazard, KY
  • Scholarship, research and creative activities
  • Public service
  • Professional socialization

About Our Program
UK offers a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) entry-level curriculum. Students may enter the program following completion of University and professional program required courses. Students not entering with a bachelor’s degree must be from the University of Kentucky and have completed at least 108 hours and have their UK Core completed.

Once accepted, the professional phase requires nine continuous semesters of class work (approximately 137 semester hours)

Religious Holiday Observance
Faculty shall give students the opportunity to make up work (typically, exams or assignments) when students notify them that religious observances prevent the students from doing their work at its scheduled time.

Faculty shall indicate in their syllabus how much advance notice they require from a student requesting an accommodation. Faculty may use their judgment as to whether the observance in question is important enough to warrant an accommodation, although the presumption should be in favor of a student’s request. The Offices of Institutional Diversity, the Dean of Students, and the Ombud are available for consultation.

Policies and Procedure Manual

CHS Physical Therapy Program
C.T. Wethington Building
900 S. Limestone, Room 204
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky 40536-0200
(859) 218-0494

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Program Locations
The PT Program is offered at the Lexington campus and at the Center of Excellence in Rural Health in Hazard.





The Physical Therapy Program at the University of Kentucky is accredited through June of 2024, by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia, 22314.
Telephone - 703-706-3245 
Email - accreditation@apta.org
Website - http://www.capteonline.org 

If needing to contact the program/institution directly, please call 859-218-0494 or email tenglish@uky.edu.




Physical Therapy

College of Health Sciences

204 Wethington Building

900 S. Limestone, Lexington, KY 40536-0200

(859) 218-0494


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