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Lab Culture and Values

As leaders: We should be transparent, talk about the objectives why we are doing what we are doing and asking others to do, so they know the reasoning behind it. Speak and live the values we set and use the language in our daily communication. Provide deep and rich support and relentlessness challenge to improve. 


Strive together: We work together, we set aside our individual differences to come together to help complete data collections, processing, offer up ideas feedback, and criticism to help  all those in the lab and the lab projects excel.

We are disciplined: We exemplify the highest standards in how we conduct ourselves. We show up focused and ready to work towards ours and the labs objectives. We think about every detail of how we do things to evaluate for potential mistakes, ways to do it better and more efficiently. We push on even when the going is tough.

Initiative: We do not wait to be told what to do. If see something that needs to be fixed, done, corrected, we take the time to do it even if it has not been explicitly stated. We think about what is going on in the lab and come up with new questions and ideas to share with the group.  

Resourceful: When we hit a road block, we think of ways around, over or through the road block. We are mindful of the limited resources in the lab and work to find ways to maximize them.  We are not afraid to ask for help if we encounter a difficult issue.

Unconditional Respect: We show unconditional respect to our research subjects, patients, fellow lab mates, visitors, other faculty and collaborators.  We show this through appropriate dress, being on time or early, being polite, helping a  lab mate who is struggling or new, being a friend and ally and being grateful for the opportunities and resources we have.

Resilient: We stay calm, focused, and positive in the face of uncertain situations, stress,  and deadlines. We choose our attitude in all circumstances and strive to keep an even keel in the ups and downs of sea of life.