Musculoskeletal Lab

The Musculoskeletal Laboratory (MSL) is approximately 1300 square-feet and is located in the Charles T. Wethington building.  It is a facility dedicated to scholarly research and hands-on instructional education, and also serves the Center for Muscle Biology as a core laboratory.

The main lab includes equipment and expertise for 1) Assessment of the sensorimotor system as it relates to musculoskeletal injuries, 2) Assessment of force production and neuromuscular control, and 3) Evaluating the outcomes of interventions with the use of patient self-reported outcomes, functional tests, 3 D kinematic analysis of every day motions, sensorimotor tests such as balance, strength, endurance, power, and muscular recruitment changes. Satellite labs have equipment for both aerobic and resistance exercise intervention studies.  The MSL works intimately with the BioMotion Lab in the Multi-Disciplinary Science (MDS) building.