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Lab Staff

Lab Staff Directory

Name Email Title
Vandre Casagrande Figueiredo, PhD Postdoctoral Scholar
Amy Confides, MS Research Analyst, Lab Manager
Cory Dungan, PhD Postdoctoral Scholar
Davis Englund Pre-doctoral Student
Zach Hettinger Graduate Research Assistant
Emily Hunt, MS, ATC Graduate Research Assistant
Kate Kosmac, PhD Scientist
Doug Long, MS Research Analyst, Study Coordinator
Kirby Mayer PhD Rotation Student
Kevin Murach, PhD Postdoctoral Scholar
Bailey Peck Graduate Research Assistant
Dave Schnell Graduate Research Assistant
Doug Van Pelt Post-doctoral Scholar


4th Floor Labs Directory

Location Name Contact
CTW 416 Neuromotor Control & Rehabilitation Lab Geetanjali Gera, PhD
CTW 419 Biomotion Computer Lab Brian Noehren
CTW 427 Muscle Function Labs Tim Butterfield, PhD
CTW 429 Muscle Mechanics Lab Tim Butterfield, PhD
CTW 433, 435 Frailty Prevention Labs Esther Dupont-Versteegden, PhD
CTW 434 Nutrition & Obesity Lab Travis Thomas, PhD Lance Bollinger, PhD
CTW 438 MIMIC Imaging Lab Charlotte Peterson, PhD Kate Kosmac, PhD
CTW 440 Muscle Physiology Lab Charlotte Peterson, PhD Esther Dupont-Versteegden, PhD
CTW 441, 447 Frailty Prevention Lab Charlotte Peterson, PhD R. Grace Walton, PhD
CTW 445 MIMIC Immunohistochemistry Lab Kate Kosmac, PhD
MDS 161 & Basement Human Performance Lab Charlotte Peterson, PhD