Research Seminar

The CHS Research Seminar has been redesigned to more effectively combine the Grantsmanship program and the Rehabilitation Sciences Doctoral Program's Professional Seminar. Research Seminar will be held every other Thursday, beginning on February 1, 2018, from 3-4 PM in the College of Nursing Building in Room 505 (new location).

Spring 2018 Seminar Schedule

 Thursday 1/18Thursday 2/1Thursday 2/15Thursday 3/1Thursday 3/22Thursday 4/5


Research Seminar (faculty speakers)


Charlotte Peterson, PhD

College of Health Sciences

Director, Center for Muscle Biology

The Role of Resident Stem Cells in Adult Skeletal Muscle Adaptation

Johanna Hoch, PhD, ATC

College of Health Sciences

Athletic Training

Improving Health Outcomes through a Patient-Centered Approach

Sridhar Sunderam, PhD, Neural Systems Laboratory

UK Department of Biomedical Engineering

Hand in Hand: Designing Brain-Machine Interfaces for Therapy

Matt Hoch, PhD, ATC, Lecturer

College of Health Sciences

Athletic Training

RHB Program

Chronic Ankle Instability: Novel Directions for a Public Health Problem

Malachy Bishop, PhD, CRC

Coordinator of Rehab Counseling; Director of Development and Research, UK Human Development Institute

Healthcare Priorities and Preferences of Americans with MS; Overview of Research at UK Human Development Institute


Student Presentation

Patrick Kitzman, PhD

Class intro, class assignments

Sarah Campbell

Thrombolysis and Early Acute Speech and Language Changes

Katy Sutton

Defining Crisis for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: A Pilot Study

Kate Jochimsen

Is postoperative pain more common in hip arthroscopy patients with high preoperative pain catastrophizing or central sensitization?

Alexa Johnson

Dominant Limb Lower Extremity Work Predicts Jump Height Performance in Low Back Pain

Catherine Gohrband

​Status of Clinical Transitions for Individuals with Lifelong Disabilities


Student Presentation

Tim Benedict

Tissues and Trauma: Developing a Pain Neuroscience Education Program

Neil Evans

Jessy Rushing

Evidence-Based Music Therapy Treatment to Elevate Mood During Acute Stroke Care

Kirby Mayer

Reliability of Quantitative Muscle Ultrasonography to Assess Skeletal Muscle Wasting

Muataz Almaddah

The Effect of Load Carriage and Recovery on Shoulder Neuromuscular Function

Kelsey Picha 

The Assessment and Utilization of Patients' Self-Efficacy for Exercise during Rehabilitation



Friday 4/13 8:00am - 5:30pmThursday 4/19 3:00-5:30pm

UK Center for Clinical and Translational Science & CHS Research Day Lexington Convention Center, 430 W. Vine Street (downtown)

CHS Research Day (in-house, CTW Commons)

More details to come

Includes RHB 770 speaker Lance Trexler, PhD, Director of Rehabilitation Neuropsychology at Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana

Fall 2017 Seminar

Fall 2017 Seminar Schedule

DateTimeSpeaker and Title
August 313:00-4:00 PMTravis Thomas, PhD, RD, CSSD, LD, FAND
The Contribution of Vitamin D to Muscle Metabolic
Function in Cancer Cachexia
September 143:00-4:00 PMEsther Dupont-Versteegden, PhD
Massage as a novel intervention for muscle atrophy
September 283:00-4:00 PMMargie Olds, MHSc, BPHty
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
October 123:00-4:00 PMSlot Open for Presentation
October 263:00-4:00 PMBabak Bazrgari, PhD
College of Engineering
November 93:00-4:00 PMBrandi White, PhD
Assistant Professor, College of Health Sciences
November 303:00-4:00 PMTimothy M. Griffin, PhD
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Spring 2017 Seminar Schedule

DatePresenter and Event
January 12Patrick Kitzman, PhD, Associate Dean for Research
January 26Geetanjali Gera, PT, PhD, PT Faculty Candidate
Oregon Health & Science University
February 9Timothy Butterfield, PhD, ATC
Architectural determinants for damage and adaptation in skeletal muscle
February 23Selina Parry, PhD, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Understanding and mitigating the burden of post-ICU morbidity
March 9Paul Klein, RHB Doctoral Program Student 
Establishing Post-Rehabilitative Recovery & Identifying Clinical
Predictors of Improved Gait Mechanics After TKA
Caitlin Whale, MS, LAT, ATC, RHB Doctoral Program Student
Lower VR-12 Mental Component Scores Are Associated with Lower
Return-to-Work Rates After Patellofemoral Autologous
Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI)
March 30CCTS Spring Conference and College of Health Sciences Research Day
April 13Laura Stone, MS, CCC-SLP, RHB Doctoral Program Student
Speech-Language Pathologists' and Classroom Teachers'
Attitudes and Beliefs about Collaboration in the Classroom:
A Phenomenological Study
Ryan McCann, MSEd, ATC, CSCS, RHB Doctoral Program Student
Prediction of Recurrent Ankle Sprains in Athletes
April 27Nate Johnson, PT, DPT, PhD
Are Exercise-Induced Improvements in Cognitive and Motor Performance
the Result of Distinct Properties of Network Connectivity? 
Jane Kleinert, PhD
Improving Communication Outcomes for Students with
Significant Disabilities

Fall 2016-Research Seminar on hiatus

Spring 2016 Schedule

January 28, 2016
Phillip Gribble, PhD (Athletic Training)

Effects of Aging and Ankle Injury on Postural Control and White Matter Microstructure


February 25, 2016
John Abt, PhD (Athletic Training)

Human Factors Model to Reduce Occupational Injuries in Health Care Workers


March 24, 2016
Nate Johnson, PT, DPT, PhD (Physical Therapy)


April 21, 2016
CCTS/CHS Research Day
Personalized Health

May 5, 2016
Brian Noehren, PT, PhD, FACSM (Physical Therapy)

Developing New Interventions between ACL Reconstruction and Total Knee Replacement


May 12, 2016
Travis Thomas, PhD, RD, CSSD (Clinical Nutrition)

Vitamin D Contribution to Muscle Metabolic Function in Cancer Cachexia