Events Guildelines

All in person CHS events will either be held virtually or, if held in person, will be operate in a way that keeps those attending and campus community safe and healthy.  All events that involve CHS faculty, staff, students or space must be approved by the CHS Dean’s Office.  The Dean’s Office will ensure that event has been approved by the appropriate work streams on campus and/or will ensure that the appropriate guidelines are followed. 

Events must adhere to social distancing requirements by maintaining six feet between individuals as requested by CDC.  All CHS spaces have been reconfigured in order to meet this requirement.

CHS will follow all best practices and requirements as outlined by the University, including:

  • Events must adhere to the newly established capacities in each CHS space. New capacities are clearly posted on each space, as well as communicated with event organizers when the space is reserved.
  • Event organizers must provide access to COVID-19 prevention supplies and person protective equipment, such as hand sanitizer, to event staff, participants and attendees.
  • Attendees, participants and event staff must follow university policy for face coverings (masks).
  • In-person meetings and events should have a virtual component where appropriate to increase accessibility for those who cannot safely attend or do not feel comfortable attending in-person.
  • Event organizers should track rsvp’s to ensure social distancing and avid capacity concerns.
  • Self-service food options should be avoided.
  • Event organizers will work with housekeeping to ensure appropriate cleaning and sanitation before and after events.  
  • Events in CHS spaces will be scheduled to ensure appropriate time for cleaning and sanitation between events.
  • Screening requirements for attendees and participation (UK and Non-UK attendees) will adhere to the START plan.

Event Checklist

  • Before an event is held, the Dean’s office must be contacted for approval. Please see the playbook for formal event guidance.
  • If you are hosting an event outside of CTW, please follow the guidance set forth by University Events in order to ensure proper guidance on gatherings.
  • University Events Contact: Drew Ard or Ryan Benjamin, or 859-323-8054
  • If you need event support or have questions within CHS, feel free to call or e-mail Caroline Arthur, 304-991-3633,

Before event:

  • Decide whether event must be held in person or not – avoid in person events if you are able to fulfill the needs of the event in a virtual form.
  • If the event can be held virtually, and you need access to Zoom Webinar, please contact the Dean’s Office.
  • If you are hosting an in-person event, contact the Dean’s office for approval.
  • If available, provide a virtual component to the event to increase accessibility and decrease in-person gathering. 
  • Reserve event space – must adhere to social distancing guidelines. Rooms in CTW are marked with capacity. If booking a space with University Events, their office will provide guidance on spacing and capacity
  • University Events Contact: Drew Ard or Ryan Benjamin, or 859-323-8054
  • Make sure space is sanitized before event– use sanitary supplies provided in space. If space is out of supplies, come to the Dean's Suite and see Autumn Arnold to replenish supplies.
  • Protective equipment – masks must be provided, hand sanitizer must be available for attendees
  • Food and beverage – serving food and beverages should be avoided if possible to avoid removal of face coverings. If you are serving food, self-service (i.e., buffets) should be avoided. Boxed meals or plated meals should be utilized if possible. No more than 6 guests at one table, household units should be seated together if possible.
  • UK Catering, contact: Edwina Taylor,, 859.257.2027 (Office)
  • List of approved caterers
  • Proper signage for social distancing, downloadable on CTW website here:
  • Market your event – if you need an invitation or graphic made for this event, or need an email blast sent, please email
  • Collect RSVPs (Tip: create a survey in Qualtrics for this) so that you can appropriately plan for guests on the day of the event
  • Set up IT needs for streaming the event to off-campus guests, contact
  • Provide link to view event to off-campus guests prior to event and a cell phone number to contact someone if they are having trouble accessing the event online

Day of event:

  • Set up check in station, hand sanitizing stations, and facial coverings
  • Make sure signage is set up to ensure proper flow of guests within the space
  • Make sure room has been properly sanitized
  • Double-check room layout with diagram to ensure proper social distancing guidelines
  • Have sanitizing wipes next to microphone to disinfect microphone between speakers
  • IT set up for streaming

After event:

  • End your livestream, return IT equipment to IT office or schedule pickup
  • Have groups exit by table or row so that attendees can maintain social distancing
  • Make sure event space is properly sanitized
  • Collect event specific signage
  • Arrange room according to diagram if furniture was moved (CTW events only)