Body Composition Waiver




The breakdown of your body composition (fat, muscle, and bone,) will be measured with the Bod Pod body composition system. This is an egg shaped structure that uses the air pressure and your body volume to determine your total body composition breakdown.

You will be required to wear a tight fitting bathing suit or spandex outfit with a swim cap covering the hair to reduce air blockage. Following calibration of the system, you will enter the BOD POD system and sit for approximately one minute. You will breathe regularly and remain motionless during the testing procedure. A large window is centered in the front of the Bod Pod system so you may see out into the laboratory and may communicate with an investigator if necessary. An emergency release button is located inside the Bod Pod system should you need to terminate the test for any reason.


Body composition testing may result in anxiety or discomfort from sitting within the enclosed device, however the risk is rare while sitting in the testing apparatus, but the BOD POD has a large window and the door may be opened at any time if testing needs to be stopped. A designated switch is located within the Bod Pod for termination should you need to stop the test. The results of this test will provide you with accurate information related to factors that will directly influence your health. Ideal body composition has been established for individuals of various ages, gender, and physical activity levels. Modification of exercise and nutrition to control your body composition will contribute to a healthier lifestyle.