Jockey & Equestrian Initiative

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To be the premier resource conducting jockey/equestrian protection, safety and performance research.

The SMRI along with collaborative multidisciplinary research teams focus on the musculoskeletal, physiological, neurocognitive, and nutritional needs of the rider to optimize performance and athletic recovery of jockeys and equestrians.


  • The voice of community and global stakeholders to guide our research
  • The collaborative work of multidisciplinary researchers
  • Serving all jockey and equestrian disciplines
  • Promotion of long-term health of jockeys and equestrians

Research Focus

  • Design interventions to improve recovery from head traumas
  • Integrate affiliate research to create individualized training programs for the equestrian athlete
  • Identify a cumulative injury profile of jockeys in the U.S. and internationally
  • Establish biomechanical profiles of novice and elite riders
  • Identify occupational health risk factors and strategies for enuring health over the life-span


  • Laura Adams
  • Remi Bellocq
  • Jane Beshear
  • Donna Brothers
  • Sarah Clay
  • Pat Day
  • Bob Elliston
  • Peter Hester
  • Johanna Hoch
  • Mary Lloyd Ireland
  • Becky Jordan
  • Debbie Long
  • Carl Mattacola
  • Terry Meyocks
  • Michelle Primm
  • Kim Schipke Morris
  • Ned Toffey
  • Kimberly Tumlin
  • Jane Warner

JEI Research, Education, and Outreach Partners

  • John Abt
  • Stephanie Bonin
  • Fernanda Carmago
  • Dixie Hayes
  • Nick Heebner
  • Matt Hoch
  • Carl Mattacola
  • Karin Pecharik