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Sydney Schwegel
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Sydney is a sophomore in the Human Health Sciences program on the Pre-Physician's Assistant track. She grew up in a town called Bunker Hill, in Illinois across the river from St. Louis. Along with being a CHS ambassador, Sydney works at PresentationU, a multimodal communications peer tutoring service on campus. She also is a writing tutor for the College of Health Sciences, a working CNA in an intensive care unit, and a volunteer baby cuddler at a local hospital. Her favorite part about being a CHS ambassador is connecting with the college and getting to know the faculty members more personally, along with her peers. She also loves to help in recruiting prospective students into the program! The College of Health Sciences is Sydney's favorite part of attending the University of Kentucky because it is so unique from other programs, and she feels that it has given her a genuine sense of belonging. Please reach out and ask questions!