The Graduate Certificate in Telehealth is comprised of three 3-credit graduate courses for a total of 9 credit hours.  The three courses are offered in consecutive order (summer, fall, spring) with a new cohort accepted each summer.

Course content is delivered using a hybrid approach of asynchronous and synchronous methods weekly. Synchronous class meetings are held using Zoom, a video-conferencing program free to UK students.  Asynchronous work is delivered through the University’s online learning management system. 

In addition to the weekly class meetings, students must attend a one day in-person class held at the end of each semester. The in-person meeting is in lieu of two on-line meetings and will be held on a Saturday to accommodate clinical rotations and professional responsibilities. During the in-person meeting, students will complete various certificate-related activities, including testing, skill assessments, and simulation. 

Required Courses

RHB 730 Introduction to Telehealth (3 cr) – Summer

This distance learning course provides a broad overview of the telehealth landscape from its first inception to future applications. Current telehealth models will be described along with credentialing and licensure requirements, state and federal laws and regulations, and reimbursement trends. Specific attention will be paid to the technology demands of the various telehealth models including selection and use of hardware, software and internet variables. The importance of interprofessional collaboration and advocacy to the implementation and advancement of telehealth will be highlighted.  Course lectures will be supplemented with hands-on experience using telehealth.   

RHB 731 Telehealth Professional Practices (3 cr) – Fall

This distance learning course uses a systems-based approach to discuss the various iterations of telehealth across the lifespan and within diverse settings. Influencers to the adoption and implementation at the consumer, provider, organization, community and policy levels will be discussed with special attention paid to cultural, geographic, and socioeconomic influencers. A model for developing, implementing and evaluating a telehealth program will be presented. Practices promoting interprofessional practice will be highlighted. Course lectures will be supplemented with hands-on experience using telehealth.   

RHB 732 Clinical Practice within a Telehealth Environment (3 cr) - Spring

This distance learning course builds upon the foundation laid in RHB 730 and RHB 731 by preparing the learner to engage in his or her professional scope of practice within a telehealth environment.  Content will focus on discipline specific assessment and treatment practices across the life span and setting.  Opportunities will be provided for learners to engage in interprofessional teaming over the semester. Course lectures will be supplemented with hands-on experience using telehealth.