Undergraduate Research in the Health Sciences

Research Experience

Before beginning, the student must show evidence of completion for the following:

  1. Register with the UK Office of Undergraduate Research  *If not a UK student, enter “none” for “UKID” when registering
  2. Successfully complete research ethics education (human subjects, animal care and use, or lab safety - as directed by the mentor) - How to create an account on CITI
  3. Complete the following Web Based Trainings (WBT), as directed by faculty mentor (* If not a UK student, create profile HERE to complete needed WBTs)

General Expectations: Stated expectations for time spent related to this research experience is exclusive of additional assignments/ activities beyond the time actually engaged in lab. 

Volunteer Expectations

Volunteer Student Expectations: Student will be expected to spend ___hours per week, for ___ weeks, in the research experience.

Student Signature

Mid-term Grade

Mid-term grades will be posted in myUK by the deadline established in the Academic Calendar (http://www.uky.edu/Registrar/AcademicCalendar.htm

Attendance Policy 

  1. Excused Absences: 
    • Students need to notify the professor of absences prior to class when possible. S.R. defines the following as acceptable reasons for excused absences: (a) serious illness, (b) illness or death of family member, (c) University-related trips, (d) major religious holidays, and (e) other circumstances found to fit “reasonable cause for nonattendance” by the professor.
    • Students anticipating an absence for a major religious holiday are responsible for notifying the instructor in writing of anticipated absences due to their observance of such holidays no later than the last day in the semester to add a class. Information regarding dates of major religious holidays may be obtained through the Ombud office at: https://www.uky.edu/Ombud/ForStudents_ReligiousHolidays.php 
  2. Verification of Absences:
    • Students may be asked to verify their absences in order for them to be considered excused. Senate Rule states that faculty have the right to request “appropriate verification” when students claim an excused absence because of illness or death in the family. Appropriate notification of absences due to university-related trips is required prior to the absence.

Academic Integrity

Per university policy, students shall not plagiarize, cheat, or falsify or misuse academic records. Students are expected to adhere to University policy on cheating and plagiarism in all courses.  The minimum penalty for a first offense is a zero on the assignment on which the offense occurred.  If the offense is considered severe or the student has other academic offenses on their record, more serious penalties, up to suspension from the university may be imposed. 

Plagiarism and cheating are serious breaches of academic conduct.  Each student is advised to become familiar with the various forms of academic dishonesty as explained in the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.  Complete information can be found at the following website: http://www.uky.edu/Ombud.  A plea of ignorance is not acceptable as a defense against the charge of academic dishonesty. It is important that you review this information as all ideas borrowed from others need to be properly credited.

Part II of Student Rights and Responsibilities (available online here) states that all academic work‚ written or otherwise‚ submitted by students to their instructors or other academic supervisors‚ is expected to be the result of their own thought‚ research‚ or self–expression. In cases where students feel unsure about a question of plagiarism involving their work‚ they are obliged to consult their instructors on the matter before submission.

When students submit work purporting to be their own‚ but which in any way borrows ideas‚ organization‚ wording or anything else from another source without appropriate acknowledgment of the fact‚ the students are guilty of plagiarism. Plagiarism includes reproducing someone else's work‚ whether it be published article‚ chapter of a book‚ a paper from a friend or some file‚ or something similar to this. Plagiarism also includes the practice of employing or allowing another person to alter or revise the work which a student submits as his/her own‚ whoever that other person may be.

Students may discuss assignments among themselves or with an instructor or tutor‚ but when the actual work is done‚ it must be done by the student‚ and the student alone. When a student's assignment involves research in outside sources or information‚ the student must carefully acknowledge exactly what‚ where and how he/she has employed them. If the words of someone else are used‚ the student must put quotation marks around the passage in question and add an appropriate indication of its origin; making simple changes while leaving the organization‚ content and phraseology intact is plagiaristic. However‚ nothing in these Rules shall apply to those ideas which are so generally and freely circulated as to be a part of the public domain (Section 6.3.1).

Please note:  Any assignment you turn in may be submitted to an electronic database to check for plagiarism

Accommodations for Disability 

If you have a documented disability that requires academic accommodations, please see me as soon as possible during scheduled office hours. To receive accommodations in this course, you must provide me with a Letter of Accommodation from the Disability Resource Center Director, David Beach (Multidisciplinary Science Building, 859-257-2754) email address: dtbeac@uky.edu for coordination of campus disability services available to students with disabilities.

Classroom Behavior and Expectations

Students will be respectful of each other and the instructor. This means coming to class on time and staying through the entire class. Asking questions for clarification respectfully and respecting your classmates’ questions and comments. You may use your computer to take notes; however, if you are seen at any time using social media during class (FB, email etc.) you will lose that right. Phones are permitted in class and must be placed face down at your desk and in silent mode. You will have an opportunity to check email/texts at designated times during class. 

Withdrawals and Incompletes

Issues related to enrollment and withdrawals are handled consistent with the University Senate Rules. Students are expected to withdraw from the class if more than 20% of the classes scheduled for the semester are missed (excused or unexcused) per university policy.

Inclement Weather

Students should be aware of the following sources of information in the event of inclement weather or other problems which might cause the University to close. Remember, if the University is open, students are expected to be in attendance and all tests will be given. If the University is closed, on a test day, expect the test to be given on the next class day unless otherwise notified. The latest information is available on the UK website at www.uky.edu


The CSD program has a process for students to register informal or formal complaints and to have them resolved in a timely and fair manner. There are both internal and external mechanisms in place to address any complaints.

When students have a complaint, they are encouraged to discuss concerns directly with the involved parties, but there may be situations when students are not comfortable doing so or when the individuals involved are unable to come to a resolution. Students may contact their academic advisor, director of graduate studies, clinic coordinator, or division director about their concerns. Additional detail about this policy is available in the academic manual.

Student Resources

Presentation U! Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is an opportunity for students to work with an undergraduate peer or graduate student to identify strengths and weaknesses related to their learning and study strategies. Our CRLA certified trained coaches will collaboratively work with you on an ongoing basis to develop an action plan, fill in the gaps, and support you to meet your goals. You can schedule an individual coaching appointment or drop-in. Please visit http://www.uky.edu/UGE/pres-u-acad-coach to view our drop-in schedule or make an appointment. For questions about this service, please contact Rachael Deel at Rachael.deel@uky.edu.  

The Study

The Study offers free, drop-in peer tutoring in over 40 UK CORE Math, Science and Business courses. The Study is open Monday-Thursday, 2-10pm in two locations: The Study South and The Study North. And this year The Study North will be open Sundays, 4pm-10pm! Check out a complete list of subjects we tutor and the full schedule, as well as more information about the other services: http://www.uky.edu/AE