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Wang C, Wu Q, Wang Z, Hu L, Marshall C, Xiao M.  2020.  Aquaporin 4 knockout increases complete freund's adjuvant-induced spinal central sensitization. Brain Research Bulletin. 156:58-66.
Wang L, Zhang Y, Zhao Y, Marshall C, Wu T, Xiao M.  2019.  Deep cervical lymph node ligation aggravates AD-like pathology of APP/PS1 mice.. Brain Pathol. 29(2):176-192.
Chen Y.L., Wang L.M., Chen Y., Gao J.Y., Marshall C, Cai Z.Y., Hu G., Xiao M..  2016.  Changes in astrocyte functional markers and β-amyloid metabolism-related proteins in the early stages of hypercholesterolemia. Neuroscience. 316:178-191.
Huang H, Nie S, Cao M, Marshall C, Gao J, Xiao N, Hu G, Xiao M.  2016.  Characterization of AD-like phenotype in aged APPSwe/PS1dE9 mice.. Age (Dordr). 38(4):303-322.