Annual Reports

Annual reports for the Center can be found here, beginning with 2014-2015. These reports document curricular and co-curricular activities with which the Center is involved. The reports describe scholarly activities in IPE and metrics reflecting, first, student and faculty participation in Center activities, second, evaluations of those activities, and finally, outcomes of those activities. Also described are faculty development activities conducted during the academic year. 

CIHE Annual Report 2019-2020

CIHE Annual Report 2018-2019

CIHE Annual Report 2017-2018

CIHE Annual Report 2016-2017

CIHE Annual Report 2015-2016

CIHE Annual Report 2014-2015

The Center for Interprofessional Health Education is compliant with and relies upon the standards of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 when using data provided by program participants. Information about FERPA can be found at the following websites: