Faculty Fellows and Associates Programs

The Faculty Fellows and Associates Programs honor individuals who contribute significantly to IPE through teaching, scholarly activity, and service, and build a community of leaders to enhance and support IPE at the University of Kentucky. Such support includes continuing participation as facilitators in IPE curricula, providing authentic clinical IPE, serving as mentors to other faculty members in the process of becoming Fellows or Associates, serving on various Center committees, and providing advice to Center staff. 

Both Fellows and Associates are self-governing, electing respective three-member steering committees biannually. The steering committees in turn elect chairs from among their members annually. The Center Director and Associate Director serve on these bodies "ex officio" and without vote. Support for the Associates and Fellows is provided by the staff of the Center. The Fellows and Associates meet annually in convocation to discuss the Center's function and to provide ideas for improvement.

Identification as an Fellow or Associate is initiated by submission of a self-nominating application or nomination by a member of the academic community. Nominations may come from faculty, staff, or students.  To be considered for Associate status, the applicant or nominee must have documented completion of a minimum of two IPE activities from the options below. To qualify for Fellow status, the applicant or nominee must have documented completion of at least two IPE activities from the following options and have produced at least two examples of scholarship in IPE or in interprofessional clinical practice in the form of articles in refereed professional journals or presentations at conferences. Additional requirements for the achievement of Fellow status include: a letter of recommendation from a colleague, a reflective statement on IPE, applicant's personal work, and evidence of scope of IPE involvement, and evidence of continuous engagement with the Center for Interprofessional Health Education.

Continuous engagement with the Center is required to both maintain active Associate status and achieve Fellow status after being named an Associate. An Associate must have documented direct engagement with the Center in the fulfillment of at least one IPE activity option annually. If active status is lost, an Associate can regain it when requirements are met again. The Center will monitor Associate participation annually, submit recommendations to the steering committee for approval, and then notify the Board of Directors of any Associate status changes. Fellows of CIHE are expected to have ongoing engagement with the Center and provide mentoring to Associates, staff, and faculty. Active engagement with the Center includes (but is not limited to) IPE instructional efforts, curriculum development, content review, conference participation/presentation, scholarly articles, grant participation, and mentoring. Fellows of the Center will communicate any issues in fulfilling the engagement or involvement requirements to the Fellows Steering committee.
Active status is assumed, and issues will be addressed through the Fellows steering committee.

Qualifying Activities: 
1. Serving as a course director for a CIHE course.  
2. Serving as a facilitator or engaging in a course activity role in a manner that is valued by students and peers, based on student evaluations and peer report, in any CIHE courses/programs
3. Serving as an evaluator for authentic clinical IPE.
4. Receiving grant funding to support IPE.
5. Leading an IPE faculty development activity.
6. Serving on a CIHE committee, as assigned by CIHE Academic Leadership.
7. Presenting research with an IPE focus at regional/national/international conferences.
8. Collaborating or having one’s own work on IPE published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Applications will be reviewed by the Center staff for completeness. Complete applications will be forwarded to the appropriate steering committee. The steering committee will either approve the application and recommend the applicant to the Board of Directors for appointment or will reject the application and return it to the applicant or nominator with recommendations for improvement. 

For applications that are not complete because they do not include two activities and/or lack the requisite scholarly product, Center staff will consult with the appropriate steering committee chair to identify an Associate or Fellow to serve as a mentor to the applicant in developing  IPE activities to fulfill the criteria. Applications that are incomplete for any other reason will be returned to the applicant or nominator for revision.

Nominations may be submitted at any time but are reviewed twice per year (once in the spring semester and once in the fall semester). The applications to self-nominate or nominate one of your colleagues are provided in the links below. If you are active in IPE at UK, we hope you will consider pursuing Associate or Fellow status. Please contact Madeline Aulisio (madeline.aulisio@uky.edu) or Shelley Ferrin (shelley.ferrin@uky.edu)  (Center for Interprofessional Health Education, Todd 292) with any questions or for help with the application process.  

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