November 30th Drupal Lounge

We will be hosting another Drupal Lounge on November 30th from 2-4 in the Hardymon Building. Feel free to post on here anything you would like to discuss or go over during the lounge.

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We will have presenters at this Drupal Lounge! The lovely folks from Able Engine, a software company in downtown Lexington, will be there talking about their extensive experience with Drupal. They will be there to both share information and answer questions. They have a lot of great suggestions and ideas so make sure you come ready to learn!

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Short version: I need some programatic way to upload data (a file) to Drupal, using cURL, sftp, or something similar.

Longer version: We have a status page on an old web page ( We use cURL to push a stats file from over to every five minutes. We can’t host the chart on HSM and we don’t want other machines accessing HSM anyway. The data file is current a PHP file, but we probably want to use a CSV file on Drupal.

Can we use a script to upload a file to the Drupal File Browser (CKFinder) directory? I did manage to login to our Drupal with cURL, but I could never upload a file. It has a pretty steep learning curve, and I’m a newby.