Creating custom content types

We have talked about Drupal basic structure for working with content - fields, nodes, and content types. We also said that one of the most powerful features in Drupal is to be able to create custom content types for your specific needs. We have created one in class called "Item for sale" in which we had specific fields for the item description, price, seller contact information, and so on.

Creating custom content types in Drupal 7 is very easy and straightforward; but there are many steps and clicks involved in getting it done. Instead of writing up the process step by step, I am going to direct you to an awesome screencast by Lin Clark, an awesome Drupal developer from Ireland. Lin created the tutorial with an alpha version of Drupal 7 (=pre-release unfinished version), so there are some very minor discrepancies in labels between what she is using and what we are using.