Module Review: Views

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what does it do? - Views could probably be the most POWERFUL module found in Drupal 7 in terms of its functionality and flexibility. This module provides a flexible method for Drupal site designers to control how lists and tables of content. Among other things, Views can be used to generate reports, create summaries, and display collections of images and other content. Note: The Drupal 7 version of Views requires the Chaos Tool Suite also known as "CTools".

Views would be useful for you if...
- You like the default front page view, but you find you want to sort it differently.
- You like the default taxonomy/term view, but you find you want to sort it differently; for example, alphabetically.
- You use /tracker, but you want to restrict it to posts of a certain type.
- You like the idea of the 'article' module, but it doesn't display articles the way you like.
- You want a way to display a block with the 5 most recent posts of some particular type.

check out this website for tutorials on the Views module
- - These are very in-depth tutorials that are catered to beginner and experienced Drupal users.