How to add a block

1 – From the home screen, click Structure from the administrative menu.


2 – Select Blocks


3 – Select Add Block


4 – Add title, description, body (hello welcome to my page)


5 – Select the region of the page your want to add the block to


6 – Visibility settings –

  • a.) pages tab -(block may be restricted to all pages except the one that you choose, block may be restricted to only one page of your choosing)
  • b.) content types - (block may be restricted to only appear on pages of specific content types of your choosing)
  • c.) roles - (block may be restricted to certain roles/users on the website, for example the login block may only be seen by anonymous users because they have to log in to be authenticated)
  • d.) users - (you can give your users the ability to customize blocks, up to the discretion of administrator)


7 – Save block and return to the home page to see how the block is being displayed

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