Drupal Lounge Discussion Board

We will be holding an October Drupal Lounge for community members Thursday, October 25th from 2-4PM and the Hardymon Building Room 100. We wanted to open up a discussion for members so that our lounge will be as effective for the community as possible. Please feel free to comment or ask questions about this upcoming Drupal Lounge in this discussion. We want to encourage members to suggest potential topics of discussion, leave questions that we can address, or just generally give expectations/feedback about the event.

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The last day to RSVP is today! It is looking like almost everyone can make it Thursday the 25th!

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If we could I'd like to talk about linking data between Drupal sites and pulling data from Digital Measures into Drupal.

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I look forward to the conversation. I am afraid I don't know much about Digital Measures, but given the group of people we have looking to attend this event I have no doubt that we will have lots of interested attendees.

Our agenda is wide open to talk about anything the group wants to discuss. I hope we can generate a lot of topics at this event that we can delve into a little more deeply in upcoming Drupal Lounges.