January Drupal Lounge

UKIT will be hosting another Drupal Lounge this month on Wednesday, January 30th from 2-4 PM in the Hardymon Building's Windstream Room. Please use this forum to leave potential discussion topics or volunteer to present at this lounge.

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Here are the notes from the January Drupal Lounge. Leave a comment on here and let me know if you want a copy sent to you via email.

J.R. discussed the University of Kentucky PR’s effort to come up with a theme template for campus Drupal users. It is in the works but there is no release date yet.

College of Art and Sciences had representatives Noah Adler and Vidya Rangnekar touch on some of the more advanced Drupal stuff that they have been working on. They have written a few extensions for the Media Module as well as started using Search API with facets.

Art and Sciences also said that they would demo a few of their Drupal Projects at an upcoming Lounge.

It was suggested for beginning Drupal users to try and start theming with Zen. By doing some research on YouTube, you can get a better understanding of theming with Drupal and allows you to get your feet wet enough to be confortable using it. Visit http://drupal.org/node/193318 if you want more info on Zen

It was also suggested that we start beginner workshops back up for those Drupal users who still need basic training. So, if you are comfortable with Drupal (or know someone who is) and are interested in presenting at our next meet up then let us know!

It was also suggested that we hold one of the next Lounges at a computer lab or maybe somewhere in the Library so that people can demo what they are doing and be able to ask questions and watch them get answered.

Remember to use this forum at your leisure. It is here to provide a platform for all University of Kentucky Drupal Users to ask questions, share info, and most importantly communicate with other users. Even if you think it’s to late to post something or that someone might not have an answer, it’s never a bad idea!

We also decided that Wednesdays at 2pm was a good time for most of the people interested in coming to the Lounges so I will try and keep that meet up time consistent as long as the room is available.