Proposal: Drupal developer working group (crosspost from the listserv)

Hi all, For those of you that didn't get to attend DrupalCon las week, a major topic in the Higher Ed sessions and BoF meetings was the opportunity to pool resources and collaborate. The Edu Drupal Unconsortium ( that was announced will be a good start on the global scale. I think we can also pursue some more immediate opportunities here at UK.

I would like to get together with other Drupal developers on campus, and develop some features or projects that would be useful to every Drupal user on campus. These maybe be custom or Feature modules, (and possibly both). We can explore what will be most attractive to participants, but just a few ideas we've batted around in Ag:

  • Registrar class data API & related Feature (like what A & S has accomplished)
  • Any other campus-wide data feeds
  • A standardized WYSIWYG & page editor (which could let us use the same training for more users on campus)
  • A responsive base theme

If you'd be interested in contributing to this kind of group, or have other ideas, I'd love to hear from you!

Andy Shooner