Requests Overview

Drupal Lab Reservation: Web Communications hosts the Drupal Lab to provide assistance to anyone using Drupal across the University. Drupal Lab is by appointment only so please use the form and we will contact you to setup a time slot.

New Site: The New Site request form would be used when you are needing to setup a brand new site or convert a current site into the Drupal platform. For information on what a new site includes please see the Default Site Configuration menu on the left.

Module Install: Use this form to request modules from to be installed on your site. These would be in addition to the default modules we pre install.

SFTP Access: To gain access to the Theme directory for you site you will need to fill out this form. You will need this access if you want to add or modify any themes installed on your site. You will need a FTP client to connect.

Clone Request: This form would be used to request your site be cloned from Development to Production. This is useful if you have everything setup on Development and instead of recreating on Production we can clone the site.

Go Live: This is only for sites that are currently not on the Production Server but are ready for launch. Go Live for any site is always done on Tuesday afternoons. The request for Go Live needs to be made by 5:00 pm on Thursday before the Tuesday target launch date.

Site Removal: You would request a site removal if you no longer need your requested Drupal site. After this request is received the databases and site folder will be deleted. You can request to have a .zip file of the site sent to you if needed.