We want to provide as much information as possible about the Drupal platform. If you have a question that isn't answered here please feel free to     Ask a Question     and we will get back to you and possibly post your question to the FAQ's.


Yes. However, we do prefer you use our development server to ensure an easy transition to the production server. If you need to use a local development server please consult with the Web Communications Drupal contact prior to setup. It is critical you use the same structure we do to avoid issue during import. If we are unable to import your site you will be responsible for correcting the causing issues on your local dev.

Yes. We request that you coordinate with others in your area prior to requesting a new Drupal site to avoid duplicate requests.


Yes. If you have any specific questions about this please contact the Drupal contact.

We will not roll back code after a security release has been issued. If the update broke any portion of your site you will need to have the site cloned to the development server, correct any issues, then request the site be cloned to the production server.

The ITS Drupal contact would be your first point of contact. We will look into the error and work to resolve it. If the issue is due to content, we can provide the next steps you would need to take.

Central Web Communications handles all Drupal core and contributed module updates. We update immediately for any security releases.


Clones can be requested as often as needed. Please use the clone request form under the requests block to submit your clone request.


If you are not going to use the module please let the Drupal contact know so we can remove it from your site. This will help us when doing code updates.

Yes. Custom built modules code will be reviewed and then the module will be installed on the development server. After testing the module can be moved to the production server.


All new Drupal sites will come with the latest See Blue theme as the default but you can request SFTP access and upload other themes or sub-themes. Information about web requirements can be found in the University Web Standards and the Web Style Guide. For any additional questions you can contact the University Web Manager, Andy Shooner.

You should be using the latest release of the See Blue theme. If your site is running on an earlier version please update to the latest release.