We strive to provide at least one training session every month. Sessions range in length from 2 to 8 hours. The longer training sessions are split into two days.

In the past we have offered the following training options:

Complete beginner

- Drupal 7 Crash Course - 2 hours, designed to introduce the basic functionality of Drupal 7 and allow the participant to make an educated decision if Drupal is the right choice for their project.

- Drupal 7 on UKIT managed infrastructure - 2 hours, learn to use Drupal 7 in a managed environment supported with UKIT. Covers Drupal core and the approved contributed modules that come with a standard install.

Beginner / Intermediate

- Drupal 7 in a day - 3 hours, more in depth than the crash course, designed to allow the student to step out of class and have enough knowledge to develop a basic Drupal web site.

- Drupal 7 in two days - 6 or 8 hours, even more coverage than the previous three options, with a survey of Drupal core functionality and a selection of key contributed modules, designed to prepare the participants to develop a more advanced CMS.

Intermediate / Advanced

- Drupal 7 : Learn to build your site by destroying ours - 3 hours, intermediate / advanced level - unlike other classes, in this one we start with a clone of a fully functional college-level site and learn how to administer it and modify it

We are developing the following advanced options to be offered in the future:

- Drupal 7 Theming - 3 hours, intermediate / advanced level - designed for a Drupal site administrator who is familiar with the system and wants to develop a custom theme or modify an existing one

- Drupal 7: Views - 3 hours, advanced level - learn to harness the true power of Drupal by using Views and Node Reference modules - build custom lists of your content, create relationships between different pieces of content, customize the delivery of your content to the readers.

If you have suggestions about training, please submit them in this discussion thread