Community of Concern - Report a Concern!

The University of Kentucky has developed an online system called "Student Alert" that allows individuals to make a report when they develop a concern about the welfare of a student. Once a "Student Alert" has been submitted, the CoC Director is automatically notified and along with the CoC Team can begin to take the appropriate action.

The "Student Alert" system and the COC Team are NOT resources to be used for emergencies!
If you are in an emergency situation that requires medical,
psychological or police services, call 911 from a campus phone.
Off-campus and cell phones, 859-257-UKPD (8573).

The "Student Alert" report system is accessed via the myUK portal*.
* (Currently online access to the "Student Alert" reporting system is limited to certain UK faculty and staff. See below for information on how to report if you don't have access to the form.)

Once logged in to the myUK portal you:

  1. Select the "Student Administration" tab and then
  2. Select "Student Alert."
  3. Enter the Student name or ID and hit "Search."
  4. Review the search result(s) and click your intended selection.
  5. Fill out the form* as completely as possible and hit "submit."

If you do not have access to the Student Alert form via myUK, you may phone the COC Director directly
at 859-257-5134.

Coming Soon!

A new online reporting tool will be available in the coming weeks.