Facilitator Guidelines

Before the session begins

  • Account for all presenters and presentations.
  • Make sure all presenters have their presentations ready to avoid delays in transition time.

During each presentation

10 minutes

  • Set the stage.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Introduce the speaker.

After each presentation

4 minutes

  • Audience members may ask questions.

You may offer feedback/guide discussion on the following.

  • A general assessment of the presentation/topic
  • The paper's contributions and strengths as well as its weaknesses
  • Questions about assumptions, methods and interpretation of findings
  • New ideas or perspectives to improve the paper
  • What they may consider the relevance of the topic to academia
  • The paper’s use for practitioners and/or educators
  • Additional or alternative theoretical perspectives
  • What other literature streams may also be pertinent to aid the paper
  • Future direction