Parent FAQ

I am concerned about my student. What should I do?

If you believe that your student is at an immediate risk of harm, please call 911 or the University of Kentucky Police Department at 859-257-8573. If your student is not at immediate risk, please submit an alert at The Center for Support and Intervention will reach out to your student upon receiving the alert.

My student received a letter from the Center for Support and Intervention. How can I find out what this is all about? (OR) I know that my student was contacted by the Center for Support and Intervention but my student has not told me what the meeting/letter was in regards to. What should I do?

Due to federal privacy laws (FERPA), except for in limited circumstances, the Center for Support and Intervention can only communicate with parents if the student has signed a FERPA release form with the Dean of Students Office.

I would like to provide my student with resources that may be helpful?  How can I find those?

Please refer to the Resources tab on this website for a list of campus resources that may be helpful.  You may also submit an alert to the Center for Support and Intervention to request resources specific to your student’s situation.

I don’t want my student to know that I submitted an alert.  Is there an anonymous reporting option?

At present, there is no anonymous report option for the Center for Support and Intervention.  In order to respond in the most effective manner possible CSI staff often need to consult with the alert submitter.  If you have concerns about your student knowing you submitted the report please contact CSI staff to discuss.