Parent FAQ

I am concerned about my student. What should I do?

Please click on the “Report a Concern” button and include as much information as you feel comfortable indicating why you are concerned about your student. If you would like to speak directly to a CSI Staff member during regular business hours, please call 859-257-3755. If you believe your student may be at an immediate risk for harm, please call 911 or 859-257-8573 for UKPD.

My student received a letter from the Center for Support and Intervention. How can I find out what this is all about? (OR) I know that my student was contacted by the Center for Support and Intervention, but my student has not told me what the meeting/letter was regarding. What should I do?

If student receives outreach from CSI, they are encouraged to respond or attend a meeting with CSI for us to better understand their situation and receive support. In general, students receive outreach from CSI following a referral indicating a concerns for the student’s wellbeing and/or personal and academic success. Due to federal privacy laws (FERPA), except for in limited circumstances, the Center for Support and Intervention can only communicate specific information regarding their student. If the student has signed a FERPA release form with the Dean of Students Office. CSI staff are happy to speak with parents regarding the referral and outreach process and resources on campus.

I would like to provide my student with resources that may be helpful? How can I find those?

Please refer to the Resources tab on this website for a list of on-campus resources that may be beneficial. You can also submit a referral to CSI, call 859-257-3755, or email and a staff member will respond during normal business hours.