What We Do

The Center for Support and Intervention staff provides individualized non-clinical case management services to students and comprehensive outreach, support, and training to the wider UK community. 

Case Management:

CSI Case Managers conduct outreach to students experiencing distress that may be impacting their wellbeing, safety, and/or overall academic and personal success. Case managers work with students experiencing a range of concerns including mental health, academic difficulties, personal/family issues, physical health, financial difficulties, recent/past trauma, and loss of a loved one, with students often experiencing multiple concerns at one time. Case managers provide one-on-one support to students, focusing on resource connection, collaboration with campus supports, and individualized, student led plans for success. 

Basic Needs:

The Basic Needs Hub provides case management services targeted at food and housing insecurity, and other financial concerns impacting access to basic needs. The Basic Needs Program Coordinator provides students with campus and community wide resource connection to address immediate/urgent basic needs, and ongoing one-on-one support to plan for longer term stability and success.

The Big Blue Pantry is a free, on campus food pantry for students experiencing food insecurity or hunger, The pantry is open to all UK students - See Big Blue Pantry for more information. 

Threat Assessment

Provide direct support and intervention to students who are experiencing and/or causing distress with the potential for harm or violence (either directed towards self or others). Lead interdisciplinary behavioral intervention team, the Community of Concern Team, to incorporate expert guidance on these students and/pr employees of high concern.

Title IX Respondent Services

CSI Case Mangers are available to provide student respondents appropriate care, support and information while they are interacting with the Title IX investigation and hearing process under AR 6:2.