Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Many students find their use of alcohol and/or drugs interfering with their educational goals, intimate relationships, health, friendships, and/or family life. Such problems often remain unnoticed until they seem unmanageable. Staff psychologists are available to help students address lifestyle choices that may contribute to alcohol and drug use and the problems that may result from that use. A range of strategies, including decision making for risk reduction, are offered.  If you have questions or concerns about your own use or that of a friend, call (859) 257-8701 for a consultation or to make an appointment.

All discussions are confidential.

Campus resources related to alcohol and other substance prevention, intervention and recovery

We have library materials and brochures related to substance abuse prevention and intervention. Our staff is also willing to present programs on these issues.  Our Center is a long-time annual host of National Alcohol Screening Day, which generally occurs the first Thursday of April.  Keep an eye out for annoucements related to this annual event.

Often students report substance use that we believe will be better addressed through more intensive treatment than we can offer. As such, we regularly refer students to more intensive community treatment programs that are off campus. Students must pay for these off campus services as they are not part of the UK Counseling Center services. Many facilities offering intensive treatment programs have a sliding fee scale or accept insurance. To find out about other resources available in the area, feel free to contact us.

Court Mandated or Legally Required Alcohol or Drug Assessment, Education or Treatment

We do not normally offer services for those who are court mandated. See this list for agencies and offices in town that offer services for those who have incurred a DUI, AI or other legal violation that requires an assessment, education program or intervention. 

UK Campus Recreation and Wellness Services offer classes that are often required for students have had an on-campus alcohol or drug violation.  These services may also suffice for a legal offense (check before enrolling).  A BASICS interview and follow-up two-meeting sequence will be offered soon as part of the options.

Resources in the Community

The Find Help Now website is a resource that can help people locate inpatient, residential, intensive outpatient and detox treatment facilities in Kentucky based on specific needs.

Online Self-Help and Apps

SMART Recovery -- online meetings, text and voice chat, resources, support, definitions and programs


Rethinking Drinking

Sober Grid - free app for Android or iPhone

AlcoDroid - free app for Android