On-Campus Resources

Community of Concern (CoC): This office can reach out and connect you or an individual you are worried about to resources on campus that can support you as you navigate stressors, struggle with substance concerns, or experience non-life threatening distress. You can contact them at 859-257-3755 on Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. If you prefer, you can use this website during regular business hours and afterhours: to alert the CoC of an individual you are concerned about.


Violence Intervention Prevention Center/Bias Incidence Response Services (VIP): If you are experiencing bias, identity-based violence, or interpersonal violence (including sexual assault, rape, stalking or partner violence), the VIP center can be contacted Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm at 859-257-3574. The VIP Center is located in the basement of Frazee Hall. 


Disability Resource Center (DRC): If you have a learning disability, physical disability, health disability, or mental health disability, you can arrange to receive accommodations by calling 859-257-2754. DRC is located in Suite 407 of the Multidisciplinary Science Building. 


University Health Services (UHS): If you have health concerns, you can receive services on campus. Appointments can be made by calling 859-257-1000800-333-8874, or by visiting and selecting the Student Services and then Student Health links. UHS is located on 830 South Limestone.


Student Behavioral Health: If you require a psychiatric medication refill or are in need of meeting with a psychiatric care provider, you can call 859-323-5511 or visit the website. Student Behavioral Health is located within the University Health Services building.


Additional Campus Resources:

Bernard M. Johnson Student Recreation Center

Career Center

Center for Academic Resources & Enrichment Services (CARES)

Dean of Students

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Cultural Center

Office of International Center

Release of Confidential Information Form


Student Support Services

The Alcohol & Health Education Office

The Study

Veterans Resource Center