Election 2020

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Resources related to managing the impact of the 2020 election cycle:

UKCC will offer additional Let's TeleTalk hours during the week of and following the election for one-on-one confidential chats with a UKCC clinician:

Election Week:                                                 Week after the election:

Wednesday, Nov. 4th 4pm-7pm                       Monday, Nov. 9th 2pm-5pm
Thursday, Nov 5th, 4pm-7pm                           Tuesday, Nov. 10th 4pm-7pm
Friday, Nov. 6th 1pm-4pm                                Wednesday, Nov. 11th 4pm-7pm
                                                                              Thursday, Nov. 12th 4pm-7pm
                                                                               Friday, Nov. 13th, 1pm-4pm

If you are teaching or TA-ing, please check out CELT's programming and resources related to supporting students in the classroom:

How to respond in conversations about the impact of the election:

  • “I hear that you’re upset, I’m here to listen…”
  • “What would help you get through this right now?”
  • “Who do you feel comfortable talking to about how you’re feeling? Can I help you connect with them today?”

Election stress and anxiety are real:

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