Resources for specific identities

University of Kentucky Counseling Center: Consultation and Psychological Services is committed to embracing diversity and working towards inclusivity and belongingness for all in our campus community. Our staff is dedicated to promoting an environment of respect and appreciation for the race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, age, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, physical/mental ability, and socioeconomic status of all students. 

The Counseling Center recognizes the unique needs and concerns of various groups on campus, including students who identify as racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ, differently abled, international, veterans, transfer students, Appalachian, and first-generation.

For additional information, services, and resources for above mentioned identities, please check out the related pages. 

For information on Racial Trauma and resources for addressing it as well as Ally training and resources, please see this page. For information on Racial and Other Healing Groups (Color Coded and Speak Out) and White Accountability Spaces, please see the latest schedule of workshops and groups here.