Students of Color

YOU ARE WELCOME HERE! UKCC welcomes people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. We want to provide a place of

  • AFFIRMATION…because you are valuable no matter your skin color, hair texture, facial features, heritage, cultural values and practices, country of origin, or language used.
  • REFUGE…from overt and covert societal messages and behaviors that suggest you are somehow inferior or do not deserve to be here.
  • COMMUNITY…to connect with those who share your experiences and those who may not share your experiences but want to understand as best as they can; those who want to support and/or advocate for equity; those who simply want to connect with you and accept you for who you are.
  • EMPOWERMENT…to help you create your own sense of self that is shaped by your values and beliefs, rather than those placed upon you by others; to make choices about when you decide to take action or step back; to help you use your values, whatever they may be, to guide your life and find fulfillment.

While UKCC embraces and values you, we recognize that as a person of color you often come in contact with individuals, institutions, and systems that leave you feeling mistreated, demoralized, rejected, or judged. We welcome you to talk about these experiences in our space! Our staff is committed to our own on-going growth and development to improve our ability to help you address these types of issues.  We also seek to incorporate your culturally-bound values and practices into our work together and invite you to check out the services we provide!


  • Individual therapy
  • Understanding Self and Others groups
  • R3 = Relax, Relate, Relief; a relaxation hour for students of color
  • The Relaxation Room
  • Anxiety ACTion Group
  • Mindfulness meditation drop-in
  • Yoga drop-in
  • Outreach to student groups
    • Conducting workshops, facilitating difficult conversations, attending events to assist with emerging student crises and questions
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Central Kentucky Council for Peace and Justice:

Lexington-Fayette Urban County, Human Rights Commission:


WE ARE OPEN TO YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS! Help other students get connected within the Lexington community! Share some of your favorite local organizations that address the specific needs of your communities.

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