CDC Funding: Rigorously Evaluating Programs and Policies to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

On Nov 19, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released RFA-CE-22-003, Rigorously Evaluating Programs and Policies to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse (CSA).

The purpose of this funding is to solicit applications from investigators to rigorously evaluate approaches (programs, policies, or practices) that have not yet been rigorously evaluated for their impact on primary prevention of child sexual abuse (CSA) perpetrated by youth or adults. Investigators must propose rigorous evaluation designs, which can include experimental or quasi- experimental designs.

CDC’s Injury Center intends to commit up to $1,300,000 in FY 2022 to fund up to four (4) applications. The total amount awarded, and the number of awards will depend upon the number, quality, duration and cost of applications received and approved.

CSA is defined here as sexual victimization during childhood (before 18 years of age), excluding sexual violence (SV) in the specific context of dating or romantic relationships (i.e., teen dating violence or intimate partner violence).

Proposed projects should address one of the following research priorities:

  1. Approaches developed for the primary prevention of youth- or adult-perpetrated CSA
  2. Evidence-based approaches that have empirical evidence of effectiveness in reducing other forms of violence but have not yet been tested on CSA (e.g., intimate partner violence, youth violence, other forms of child abuse and neglect)
  3. Community or societal-level approaches (i.e., programs, policies, or practices that target characteristics of settings that increase or buffer against the risk for violence)
  4. Approaches focused on preventing or reducing commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) including sex trafficking as a form of CSA
  5. Approaches focused on preventing technology-facilitated CSA (e.g., soliciting sexual contact or receiving sexual images from minors electronically, downloading/possession of online child pornography)
  6. Organizational policy approaches with the potential to prevent CSA perpetration in youth-serving organizations (e.g., juvenile residential care facilities, group foster care)

Application Due Date: 2/1/2022

For More Information

The Notice of Funding Opportunity (RFA-CE-22-003) can be found here:

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A pre-application teleconference call will not be conducted for this (Notice of Funding Opportunity) NOFO. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit questions to clarify information in the text of this NOFO. Please contact with questions regarding this NOFO.

All applicant questions (redacted of personal or application-related identifying information) received by December 8, 2021 and the NCIPC responses to these questions will be included in an amended NOFO that will be published approximately by December 15, 2021.