International Symposium: Comparative Perspectives on #MeToo

International Symposium: Comparative Perspectives on #MeToo

April 8 & 9, 2019

University of Kentucky - Lexington, KY, USA

Gatton Student CenterĀ 

Room 330AB

Made possible with generous support from the University of Kentucky College of Arts & Sciences, Office for Policy Studies on Violence Against Women, Center for Research on Violence Against Women, and Office for Institutional Diversity.

This two-day interdisciplinary symposium will bring together scholars and activists from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America to explore the impact, scope, connections, and challenges associated with #MeToo and similar movements. We envision this international symposium as a space of dialogue and learning among scholars, activists, and students from diverse social sectors and disciplines, and as a space in which to also plan future collaborative efforts between scholars and institutions.

Symposium topics include:

  • The role and experiences of #MeToo and similar movements in your institution, community, or country
  • Role of social media in different cultural contexts in the age of #MeToo
  • Government, higher education, and NGO responses to different forms of harassment
  • Women & Gender in academia (women in science, in humanities, in social sciences; gendered structures of hierarchies)
  • Power and privilege in the workplace
  • Intersectional framings of gendered/sexualized violence, harassment, etc., e.g. violence against immigrant women, harassment in religious contexts, age-related specificities, racialization and violence, etc.
  • Conceptual tools for understanding the complexity of gendered/sexualized power
  • LBGTQ narratives of harassment, abuse, and resilience
  • Bystander initiatives, programs, and approaches
  • Men and women as victims, offenders, allies