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Well@Work presents podcasts on health and wellness at work as health and behavioral health professionals deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Join the University of Kentucky Center on Trauma and Children as they present strategies that cover a variety of topics to build resilience and emotional well-being to assist and empower workers and supervisors to stay well at work. These podcasts are provided through a grant from SAMHSA to the Department of Behavioral Health Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities to the University of Kentucky Center on Trauma and Children.

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Season 1

Each episode link contains the video podcast, audio podcast, and transcripts.

1. Secondary Traumatic Stress

2. Moral Distress

3. Grief and Loss

4. Sleep

5. Supervision: How supervisors can combat secondary traumatic stress

6. Peer Networks

7. Stigma

8. Self-Compassion and Secondary Traumatic Stress

9. Using accountability partners to build resilience

10. Eating to promote resilience

11. Utilizing Your EAP for Secondary Traumatic Stress

12. Psychological First Aid

13. Circle of Influence

14. Integrating Work and Family

15. Talking to Children About Covid-19

16. Mindful Self-Compassion

17. Recognizing and Managing Burnout

18. Leadership in the Time of Crisis

19. Managing Media in Chaotic Times

20. Building Resilience Through Relationships

21. Meaning Making 

22. Transitioning Back to the Workplace

23. Onboarding

24. Substance Use Disorder and Covid-19

25. Managing Difficult Conversations - The Death Notification 


Season 2

1. Managing Work and Caregiving Responsibilities

2. How to Fight COVID Related Fatigue

3. How COVID Has Changed the Way Adolescents Use Technology

4. The Science of Hope

5. Healthy Eating to Promote Family Resilience

6. Pause, Reset and Nourish

7. Building Strong Social Networks to Sustain Us During Isolating Times

8. Too Much to Do? Is Multitasking the Answer?

9. Estrés Traumático Secundario 

10. Cultivating Empathy for Others to Improve Our Own Well-Being

11. Meaning Making for Families

12. Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

13. Self-Compassion to Improve Well-Being

14. Getting a Handle on COVID Related Anger and Frustration

15. Angustia Moral

16. Healthy Family Conversations, Talking to Young Children About Death and Dying

17. How to Take Care of Ourselves in an Era of Misinformation and Confusion

18. Redes de Colegas Saludables

19. Healthy Family Conversations, Helping Extended Families Survive and Thrive During COVID

20. Managing Uncertainty

21. Helping Women Stay Well@Work

22. Mental Focusing During Times of Stress

23. Helping Children Manage Their Grief Over COVID Losses

24. COVID Discriminates, Healthcare Doesn't Have To

25. Using Poetry to Cultivate Perspective

26. Reset and Rediscover Your Passion for Your Work

27. How Not to Lose Faith

28. Tame That Stress: Enhancing Healthy Family Coping 

29. Using Co-Regulation to Help Young Children Cope with COVID Stress

30. Post Traumatic Growth

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