About Us

The mission of the Dean of Students is to provide educationally-purposeful programs, activities, and service that engage all students, enhances students' well-being and academic success, and supports positive community behavior.  Dean of Students staff members strive to offer services and programs reflective of and sensitive to the needs of our student population and student needs.


With these goals in mind, the Dean of Students Office provides both administrative and educational services that support the personal and academic success of students. The Dean of Students Office is comprised of the central office, located in McVey Hall, as well as affiliated units listed below. The central office provides a wide range of services including those related to emergencies, disciplinary release forms, student conduct issues, and student wellbeing.


Center for Support and Intervention

Fraternity & Sorority Life

Residence Life

Student Organizations and Activities

Student Conduct



Situations sometimes arise which necessitate a family member contacting a student during a class. In such situations‚ family members should contact the Dean of Students Office at (859) 257–3754.

Process Disciplinary Release Forms

If you have a disciplinary clearance or background check form, please bring it to the Dean of Students Office for completion. Note, we do not provide information regarding a student’s educational record, including their student conduct record, without the student’s consent. If you have questions prior to submitting a disciplinary clearance or background check, give us a call or email us at studentconduct@uky.edu.

We encourage you to browse this site using the provided links. Questions or comments are welcomed and should be directed to the Dean of Students Office.