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Meet the Dean of Students

Trisha Clement-Montgomery serves as the Dean of Students at the University of Kentucky. In this role, she oversees various parts of the out of classroom community at the University of Kentucky. More specifically within the areas of Residence Life, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Conduct, the Center for Support and Intervention, and Student Organizations and Activities.

Prior to her role as Dean of Students, Clement-Montgomery served as Director of Residence Life and Assistant Director of Living Learning Programs at the University of Kentucky. As a native of New York City, Caribbean American, and first-generation student, Clement-Montgomery knows firsthand the potential challenges that students may encounter when entering the higher education landscape. As a result, Clement-Montgomery is dedicated to advocating for the needs of students while simultaneously working to ensure that all students from various backgrounds feel welcomed and a sense of belonging at the University of Kentucky.

Clement-Montgomery received her bachelor's in psychology from Western Kentucky University and her Masters in Educational Psychology and Doctorate in Educational Leadership, from the University of Kentucky.

Current Mission Statement

At the University of Kentucky, the Dean of Students office provides educationally purposeful programs, activities, and services that engage all students and encourages positive community behavior from our students. 


Vision Statement

The vision for the Dean of Students Office at the University of Kentucky is to provide C.L.E.a.R pathways (Community involvement; Leadership development; Engaging students; and Responding to students in crisis or with care) for students to successfully accomplish their goals and later utilize the interpersonal skills they learned while at UK to be active and engaged citizens within a community.


Strategic Goals

The Dean of Students Office will achieve its mission and vision for healthy communities through four strategic goals:

  • Community involvement: Foster an environment where students will acknowledge their roles, responsibilities, behaviors, and expectations in a community. The awareness of a student's role and responsibilities within a community will also serve as preparation for meaningful lives and engaged citizenship.


  • Leadership Development: Facilitate curricular and co-curricular leadership development opportunities through support services and learning activities that encourage effective communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, and meaningful relationship-building skills DOS leadership opportunities will promote individual and organizational success.


  • Engaging Students: Develop educational resources, opportunities, and services that foster positive interactions between students, DOS staff, and campus partners.


  • Responding to students in crisis or with care: Intentional interventions and approaches designed to assist students in distress and build the DOS capacity to respond to a crisis with care for the student(s) and staff.

With these goals in mind, the Dean of Students Office provides both administrative and educational services that support the personal and academic success of students. The Dean of Students Office is comprised of the central office, located in McVey Hall, as well as affiliated units listed below. The central office provides a wide range of services including those related to emergencies, disciplinary release forms, student conduct issues, and student wellbeing.


Situations sometimes arise which necessitate a family member contacting a student during a class. In such situations‚ family members should contact the Dean of Students Office at (859) 257–3754.


Process Disciplinary Release Forms

If you have a disciplinary clearance or background check form, please bring it to the Dean of Students Office for completion. Note, we do not provide information regarding a student’s educational record, including their student conduct record, without the student’s consent. If you have questions prior to submitting a disciplinary clearance or background check, give us a call or email us at studentconduct@uky.edu.

We encourage you to browse this site using the provided links. Questions or comments are welcomed and should be directed to the Dean of Students Office.