GDZ & Tailgating Policy

New GDZ & Tailgate Policy 

Registered Student Organization Football Tailgate Policy


Student organizations have the opportunity to reserve and use space under the following policies, which are designed for the safety of students, the campus community, fans, and safety officials.  Failure to comply with the following policies may result in the loss of reservation privileges.  Students and Registered Student Organizations are subject to the Code of Student Conduct, all published UK policies, rules, and regulations, including the terms of this contract.  Any potential violation of these policies may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.  (A map of the RSO locations can be found here):

  • The tailgate RSO area opens at 4 ½ hours prior to kick-off on game day.  The tailgate area will close 30 minutes prior to kick-off.  After the tailgate closes, the organization has one hour to clean-up and remove tent from the reserved space.  No cars, trucks, or trailers are allowed to park in the area.  Unloading and loading can take place along University and Complex Drive. There is a 15-minute time limit in unloading zones. 
  • Registered student organizations must reserve space through the Office of University Events. Reservations will be accepted beginning one month prior to each game and must be received prior to noon on Monday preceding game day. No late requests will be accepted. Sites will be assigned by the Office of University Events staff. (i.e., Requests for 9/29/18 game day will be accepted on 8/29/18).
  • One band/DJ may be allowed in RSO tailgate area. The sponsoring organization should reserve the band/DJ space through the Office of University Events by noon on Monday preceding game day.
  • Tailgate requests for registered student organizations must be submitted to and approved by Fraternity & Sorority Life (Greek organizations) or Student Organizations & Activities (student organizations) prior to receiving approval from the Office of University Events. 
  • Only canopies (Tents without sides) are allowed in the RSO tailgate area. Canopies should not exceed 16’ x 16’ in the RSO tailgate area. Stakes are not permitted to be driven into the ground to avoid buried electric and water lines. No domestic furniture will be allowed in the area (i.e. couches, lounge chairs, etc.). Stakes are permitted in the Gluck Lawn locations with approval from the Office of University Events.
  • Know and obey regulations concerning alcohol use. Alcohol consumption is illegal for anyone under the age of 21. Distribution of alcohol without a license is illegal and leaving alcohol in plain view or unattended is considered distribution. Glass containers are not allowed in the area. All drinks should be in plastic cups. Public and/or alcohol intoxication will not be tolerated, and violators are subject to citation or arrest. Event sponsor is responsible for knowing and following the university’s alcohol policy (AR 6:4)
  • UK Police will be in the area to monitor the crowd and offer assistance to the organizations as needed.
  • No solicitation is permitted, including but not limited to fundraising, commercial promotions or political advertising. Posting campaign material on University property is prohibited.
  • Portable generators with a decibel rating of 60DB or less are permitted for tailgating use.
  • Open flames are strictly prohibited. This includes the use of portable fireplaces and tiki torches. Cooking using an approved charcoal or propane grill is allowed provided that it is used to manufacturer’s specifications. At least one (1) pound (ABC) fire extinguisher must be provided by the applicant. Charcoal and other flammables must be properly extinguished and disposed of and cannot be placed into any dumpster or trash can at any time.
  • UK is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Do not leave valuables unattended. University Police officers are on patrol, but they are not responsible for your site.
  • Keep UK beautiful. Trash cans will be available throughout the RSO tailgate area. Organizations are responsible to clean their assigned area, including but not limited to bagging all trash and removing tents and approved furniture.
  • Electronic submissions of this form must be submitted with a valid uky e-mail address via an approved EMS web account.